Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The New Maid

A society lady runs into the employment office one day and
demands a maid "right now". It seems she's having a dinner
party that night and her maid quit.

The guy in the agency explains that all the girls he has
right now have just gotten off the boat from Ireland.
They're untrained. The lady says she'll train the girl but
needs someone right away.

The agency guy asks for volunteers and Molly comes forward.
She agrees to go and be trained.

Well, the dinner party comes and goes and works out just
fine. Molly does a great job. The next morning, the lady's
walking down the upstairs hall and sees Molly in one of the
guest rooms. Looks like she's making the bed but she's just
standing there.

Curious, the woman walks in and looks over Molly's shoulder.
There on the bed lies a condom.

The lady turns bright red and tries to laugh it off. "Why
Molly," she says, "Surely you have those in Ireland, don't

Molly: "Shurin we do madam, but we don't skin em."

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