Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Lawyer and the Farmer

A bigshot city lawyer and an old country farmer got into a car wreck. They both got out of their cars to survey the damage, and the farmer realized he was at fault….

After looking over the impeccably dressed and dignified lawyer in his $2,000 suit, silk tie, starched white shirt and polished wingtip shoes, the farmer walked back to his car, got out a bottle, and brought it back. He handed it to the lawyer, and said, "Here, you look pretty shook up. I think you ought to take a nip of this; it’s homemade. It'll steady your nerves."

The lawyer did. The farmer then said, "You still look a little bit pale. How about another?" And the lawyer took another swallow.

Then the farmer said “It’s might hot today. Folks ‘round here don’t usually wear shoes on a day like this. Why don’t you take off them fancy shoes, and the socks, too?”

The lawyer frowned, but after a few more sips, he took off his polished shoes and socks; the farmer laughed and said: “Why don’t you take off that fancy tie? And the suit jacket? You look kind of funny standing there barefoot in a suit!”

Off came the tie and the jacket of the $2,000 suit.

At the urging of the farmer, the lawyer then took another sip, and another, and another.

The suspenders and the cufflinks and the briefcase were all in a heap now, and the lawyer was having a hard time standing up. Finally, the lawyer said he was feeling pretty good, and asked the farmer if he didn't think that he ought to have a little nip, too. "Not me", the farmer replied, looking at the lawyer, barefoot in a tee shirt and drunk as a skunk, "I'm waiting for the state trooper." . . . . . .

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Called2Bless said...

Hi Marie,
Which part of Indonesia you are from? Or you are somewhere in this planet? I'm from medan, my friend.
Gajah itu kurang hajar....'jgn keras2 ya.... ntar dia ajar aku....:D'
God bless you!

Marie said...

Same city as you my friend.