Monday, February 25, 2008

A tatto

A Girl gets two tattoos on her inner thighs: one of Mike Tyson on her right inner thigh and the other is of Evander Holifield on her left inner thigh. She points to them and asks the bartender “Does this look like Mike Tyson?” Bartender says “No.”
She then asks “Does this look like Evander Holifield?”
Bartender says “Nope sorry.”
She’s says “Well I want another opinion.” She sees a drunk guy at the end of the bar. She points to her inner right thigh and asks him “Does this tattoo look like Mike Tyson?”
Drunk guy says “No.”
She points to her inner left thigh and asks “Well does this tattoo look like Evander Holifield?”
Drunk guy says “No but the one in the middle looks like Don King.”

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